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Freerider Freeland Takes 9th Place in World Championships

SBA student-athlete Isaac Freeland - who took 9th place in the Junior World Championships at Snowbird last week - appears in the Park City TV comp coverage below.

Freeland's strong skiing at Tour Finals is on display from 1:19-1:28. 

"The snow was perfect and the venue was perfect, and, although Drew (Hartley) and I fell, it was the best comp I have been to," said Freeland. 

"I did really well on day 1, finishing second, which was a pretty big deal because it was the World Championships," said Hartley. "Falling Day 2 was a bummer." 

On a related note!
The following comp season recap letter comes from SBSFT Head Coach Sean Carey: 

Dear Freeride Team,

First of all, thanks to everyone for an amazing season.  We had the most snow I have seen in my 20 years of skiing, and you all made it wonderful by skiing with myself and the other coaches. I would like to sincerely thank the parents on behalf of myself and my coaching staff for the generous coaches gifts. We cherish each and every second we spend with your children and enjoy watching them become fantastic skiers. The kids that participate on this team are unlike any others in the world, and it's a privilege to be a part of their lives.  We are all looking forward to another amazing season next year!

As many may know, our final weekend was missing some familiar faces. That's because Kyle Fowler, Zoe Altenberg, Drew Hartley, Isaac Freeland, Xander Guldman,  and Emmett Seely were all out at Snowbird, UT competing in the World Championships. After day 1 and a couple unfortunate falls in the finish, Drew Hartley was a top of the leader-board with a 2nd place run (15-17). Not far behind was, Xander in 5th (12-14 yr. old), Emmett in 6th (12-14), and Isaac in 7th (15-17).  Moving into day 2, the boys went out with a no-regrets attitude and began sending their airs and skiing fast.  Unfortunately the North Baldy venue claimed a couple of our top  boys. However, Isaac and Emmett managed to battle their way through this difficult competition and keeping themselves in the game.  Isaac stomped a big air in semi's putting him in 2nd and qualifying for the "Super Final", but went on to crash.  Emmett, skiing very consistent this season pulled off a 3rd place podium finish. Here's a featured article in the Sierra Sun newspaper for North Lake Tahoe. Check it out...  For all other results please visit the Junior Freeskiing Tour on Facebook or follow this link, www.facebook.com/jrfreeskiingtour. Congratulations to all competitors this season!

This Summer I am planning on running our camp at Whistler July 10-17.  I have a few people confirmed, but I would love to see many more join us.  Kids, get to work this summer and lets go have a blast.  Below is the coast for the camp itself, however it does not include coaching or airfare.  If we can pull some more numbers, the cost will be significantly less.

Camp of Champions Club Program
Park Access :  $695
Accomodations includes airport shuttle: $300
Breakfast and Lunch: $150
Dinner:  $150
High Performance Water Ramps: $200
Subtotal:   $1,495
Tax %12:   $179.40
Total:  $1674.40    
In regards to registering online, it can be done at http://www.campofchampions.com/datesprices/default_.aspxNote that there is a $600 deposit due at the time of registration, and the remainder of the fee will be due by May 1st.  Should you register after May 1st, then the entire cost will be due at that time.  You won't see a discount immediately, you will need to enter our specific code "SugarBowlSki" in order to receive the $300 off.  This is only a couple weeks away so we need to get on it folks.  

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thanks again for a wonderful season, and I hope to see many of you this Summer!

Sean Carey
Head Freeride Coach
Sugar Bowl Ski Team

667 Inches...and Counting

The snow statistics for Sugar Bowl this season are staggering: 667 inches of accumulation ... and counting (with 217 of those inches falling in March alone).

Advisory groups were asked by Head of School Tracy Keller at Tuesday's All School Meeting to reflect on a remarkable skiing winter... in haiku.

What emerged were some strong feelings about snow shoveling details on campus, mixed with a good dose of humor. 

Below the embedded YouTube video you will find each advisory group's haiku contribution. Please take a moment to vote for the best haiku (quality over quantity!) in the sidebar poll. Bragging rights are at stake!

10th Grade Winter Term:
There is so much snow.
Snow falling by the tons.
I hate shoveling.
11th and 12th Boys
Record breaking snow
Many epic powder days
I love shoveling.
9th Grade Full Year:
Classrooms underground.
The winter will never end.
Fluff under our skis. 
8th and 9th Grade Winter Term:
Shoveling snow stinks.
Lots of successful racing
On Donner Summit.
10th Grade Full Year:
We are stuck on the summit,
But there is powder.
11th and 12th Girls:

Snow, snow, snow, snow, snow.
Oh, how this life sure is crazy!
We do love the snow.
Snowmen everywhere.
They sure are cute in their scarves.
Oh no, there he goes!

Brag Board II

The Brag Board is getting some new submissions.

Congratulations to Austin Meng on his scholarship to St. Lawrence University!

"All the hard work has paid off," said Meng