Who's in the Burrow?

Marmot DAD of the Month

The Dunn family
March may not be over yet, but Mr. Brian Dunn has already sewn up the highly coveted, first-ever Marmot Dad of the Month Award. 
Mr. Dunn has been spotted repeatedly on the SBA campus, snow shovel in his hands and a smile on his face.
Back home, cultivating the mind...

For his devotion to mind, body, and the SBA community spirit, congratulations to Mr. Dunn, Marmot Dad extraordinaire!

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SBST Shines in Bogus Basin

Sugar Bowl Ski Team's Mark Engel atop the podium with his 14th FIS win of the season, this one in Bogus Basin, ID. Sugar Bowl Academy's Dylan Brooks, to the right, took second in Bogus Basin.

Marmots Dig Out the SBA Burrow, Are Rewarded With...A School Day?!?!

From the Blogspot http://furrymarmots.blogspot.com comes the following factoid regarding our favorite furry creature: 

"Marmots are very adept at digging and have the large, thick front claws to prove it."

Fighting Marmot dorm residents answered the call of duty issued by Head of School Tracy Keller yesterday, manning the shovels to clear their burrow of who knows how many feet of snow fell on Donner Summit over the weekend. 

Here's SBA-TV coverage, in case you missed it on Facebook...

Maybe they thought that their digging would be followed by a day of hibernation?! No such luck! While local public schools had a snow day today, SBA student-athletes were back in school!

Lesson Planning for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Quick! Finish the following thought: "Life is good when..."

This may not have been the first thing to come to mind, but how about the following: "...you're a high school student and you get to have class on skis."

In what has become an annual event, SBA Physics students took to the Sugar Bowl park and race arena recently.

"We took video for analysis of straight-line and centripetal acceleration," said teacher Steve Ascher

"We also took accelerometer measurements of free-skiing acceleration. We capped things off with a demonstration of students as human projectiles in the park to allow for analysis of their trajectories and measurements of acceleration due to gravity."

Here's video footage of Dylan Murtha going airborne off a park jump: 

Here's a subsequent analysis of his trajectory and measurement of acceleration (click on the image to see it in enlarged):

"It was a lot of fun, and we got to look at the material in an entirely new perspective," said Steven Tetrault. "It's amazing to actually look at the kinds of forces and accelerations we undergo without even thinking about it - some of us were supporting more than twice our weights during our runs!"

Lesson plans for the mind, body, and spirit, brought to you by Sugar Bowl Academy Physics teacher Steve Ascher!