Who's in the Burrow?

Once upon dry land...

Well before the snow flies, SBA student-athletes can be seen steeling themselves for the winter race and comp season.

It's dry-land conditioning time, and Candice - forever at the right place at the right time - caught our student-athletes in full training mode with her Flip cam last week...

Enjoy dry-land training on the small screen. 

Chef Scott Cuts the Canola!

Quick: What is a canola? 

Don't know? Read here

SBA Chef Scott White read the article and has cut canola entirely from the student/athlete diet. 

"I have been doing a lot of health research over the last few years, and I am implementing some of the ideas I'm learning," said White.

In addition to tailoring the menu to meet the nutritional and caloric needs of the SBA student/athlete, Chef Scott has put SBA on the culinary cutting edge with such moves.

He also has hopes of designing and delivering a culinary arts program to the SBA campus one day. 

Scott has a particular affinity for ethnic foods, having lived in Europe in his childhood and traveled in Southeast Asia. He is a skier, having learned to ski first in Austria and later raced in the Far West. He has lived for 10 years in Serene Lakes and cooked locally for Ice Lakes Lodge, Dragonfly (sushi chef), and Red Truck. 

"It's the place I've lived the longest. It’s gorgeous, it’s quiet, the air quality is incredible.

"And snow is a magical thing."

One of his recent hit dishes was an inspiration all his own that he called "Italian Shepherd’s Pie."

"I made it up that day: sausage and zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes topped with polenta and then baked.

"I’ve been doing this stuff long enough that I have formulas I feel confident about, so I can throw seasonal ingredients in and make it happen.

"The hard part is naming my creations." 

Who's Who on the SBA Campus this Year?

Proving that everything is now in full and frenetic swing on the SBA campus, new campus leaders have been elected and Student Council meetings are already underway. 

Katrin Larusson,
SBA Student Council VP
Dylan Murtha,
SBA Student Council President

Chuck Klein,
SBA Student Council Secretary
Riley Plant,
SBA Student Council Treasurer

Faculty Advisor Aly Kendall organized campus-wide Student Council elections. Each candidate for office was required to give a speech in front of the student body. Our President and Vice President-elects both proudly represent the town of Truckee. Congratulations to the newly-elected Student Council leaders! 

Maya Crosby,
SBA Yearbook Chief Editor
Appointed to the leadership position of Chief Yearbook Editor this year is Maya Crosby. You will hear more about exciting developments on The Fighting Marmot yearbook in future posts. 

Congratulations, too, go to Maya on her appointment to this important leadership position on campus. 

The Leaning Tower of...Paper?

Brian Francis and Rollin Atkinson
building the paper tower while
Katrin Larusson, Pilar Alvarez,
and Savannah Blide look on.
The Leaning Tower of...Paper? At All School Meeting Monday, Devin Gill challenged student-generated teams to make the tallest free-standing paper tower possible. The winning team: Drew Hartley, Lizzie Ryan, Michael Cooper, Lauren Dunn, and Owen Wattenmaker. 

Enjoy the slideshow!