Who's in the Burrow?

Class of Titans on the Table Tennis Court

A make-shift ping-pong table has seen a lot of action lately on dorm. Here, Chris Fitzpatrick takes on Brian Francis.

Ascher Captures Fading Lenticular Clouds on Donner Summit

Taking full advantage of a Faculty on Duty shift this afternoon, Steve Ascher sat his laptop atop a stack of books on a table beneath a dorm window for an hour and twenty minutes. He was taking a time lapse of the fading lenticular clouds over Donner Summit (you should click on that link and see the photos after viewing Steve's video). Enjoy Steve's video, as well as a couple of Marmot Man nature photos from the spring snow melt.

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day, 4/30

With standardized tests looming, SAT Prep teacher Kelly Farrell drills
Laurel Fiddler with vocabulary flashcards. 

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day, 4/29

Marc Talbott and Julia Bjorkman turn to longboarding as the snow melts