Who's in the Burrow?

We Wish You...

No, it's not Christmas yet, but the Christmas-themed team won first place in today's Trail Mix Community Relay. Congratulations to Danielle Nivinski (trail run), Aly Kendall (sprint), Bob Talbott (speed walk), and Seth Dow (obstacle and carnival legs), a true mix of faculty, student/athlete, and parent and the top finishing team in today's wildly successful community-building event.

First place for best team theme attire (Western) went to Peter Carroll, Leigh Salvo, Nate Fischer, and lasso man Jim Hudson. Thanks to all the fashionistas for theming up for the big event!

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Spanish 4 Gets a Yerba Mate Infusion

SBA parent Gordo Klenk (father of Erika, '14), originally of Argentina, stopped in this week to enlighten student/athletes about the Latin American custom of drinking Yerba Mate. Thanks, Gordo! Stay tuned for a video clip from Gordo's visit. 

Greatness Starts Here

Prepping for this weekend's new campus ground breaking ceremony...

Teams and Themes!

Announcing the teams and themes for Saturday's Trail Mix Community Relay. Time to get your theme attire in order! 

Mind, Body, Community Spirit

Eighth-grade advisees served their community yesterday, playing bingo with some of Truckee's retirees. Pictured below: Emma Maiden. 

Trail Mix Relay Prep Accelerates

Behind the scenes, teaching faculty, coaching staff, and student/athletes from the ninth and tenth-grade advisories are working hard to make this weekend's Trail Mix Community Relay a memorable event. Below, Ambrose Tuscano and Casey Jobe collaborate on the obstacle course. 

Hands-on Learning, SBA Style

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by Andy Giordano
The following report of hands-on learning, SBA style, comes from Health teacher Kristen Lew:
Friday, health class students worked through ten alcohol simulation stations around the SBA campus to increase awareness of the short-term effects of alcohol use. Students performed tasks such as threading a needle with prescription glasses on, walking a straight line after being spun six times, and speaking on the legal drinking age with a marshmallow in their mouths. In groups they were asked to not only observe what happened at each station, but also write on how each task related to alcohol use or abuse and how these various given effects could be dangerous to a drinker.