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Scene on Campus: New Student/Athletes!

New student/athletes Austin Peña and Spencer Crist....

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Scene off Campus: Sam I Am!

Sam gives downtown Truckee some Christmas spirit...

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Scene on Campus Photos of the Day 12/23

Microbiology presentation the day after you return from Alaska? No problem!

World Cup

This was the scene on campus at the close of classes today.

With everybody headed home for the holidays and the World Cup on, students gathered around the warm glow of a laptop to watch some alpine ski racing. 


Skyler Mullings
As Monday's formal Christmas dinner at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort's Village Hall showed, Sugar Bowl Academy is more than a family of student/athletes. 

There are among us a number of very talented performing artists, as well. 

SBA eighth-grader Skyler Mullings of the Reno Youth Concert Orchestra played a Christmas medley solo on his trombone. 

Casey Jobe, Sam Zabell, Lauren Dunn, Camille Hartley
Reno Youth Symphony Orchestra violinists Sam Zabell and Camille Hartley, YCO violinist Casey Jobe, along with Lauren Dunn (somehow still standing after a red-eye flight from races in Alaska), treated the gathering to some stringed Christmas selections, as well.

And, finally, the fledgling SBA Glee Club showcased their singing talents to the current students, faculty, staff, and alumni gathered at Village Hall Monday night. 

Head of School Tracy Keller addressed the audience as one fast-growing and tightly-knit family.

Cassidy Cichowicz, Camille Hartley, Erika Klenk, Rollin Atkinson,
Michael Cooper, Maya Anthony-Crosby
Chefs Scott and Dan cooked a tasty traditional turkey dinner and marmot moms Paige Derdowski, Gale Klenk, Mary Beth Larusson, Brenda Nivinski, and Roxanne Romo volunteered their set-up services. 

"A special thanks to our awesome marmot moms who moved lots of tables and chairs and set up beautiful holiday dining tables, replete with greenery donated by the Larusson family," said SBA Student Council Advisor Aly Kendall. 

Photo of the Day

Glee performs at formal dinner...

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Marmots Storm United Nations

Solving complex global issues might seem relatively manageable from the comfort of the classroom setting during normal waking hours.

But being awakened at 2 a.m. to react in concert with other countries to an emerging global crisis can be quite another matter altogether.

Eighteen Sugar Bowl Academy student-athletes who recently returned from the International Model United Nations Conference in San Francisco learned how unreachable consensus might seem when all the world’s stakeholders - each with its own competing interests and political agendas - gather to weigh matters that potentially impact all of the planet’s inhabitants.

Chuck Klein, Riley Plant

“I learned a lot about what politicians go through, particularly in solving international crises,” said SBA student-athlete Taylor Elicegui. “Being woken up at 2 am to solve a hostage crisis in the Philippines provided me with great insight to real international affairs.”

Hosted by the Parc 55 at San Francisco’s Union Square, the IMUNA (International Model United Nations Association) Conference ran from December 1-3.

According to IMUNA’s Web site (imuna.org), the goal is simple: "Education through Simulation."

Grace Hutton, Taylor Elicegui

For SBA students, simulation took a variety of forms, even pre conference. In preparation, students were required to write position papers - in SBA Model U.N. Club Founder Conner Evans' case, 7 pages long! -  regarding the issues central to their respective committees.

“Through research, discussions and lecture with the SBA History Department faculty and group meetings, Model U.N. members worked to understand complex global issues ranging from human rights of displaced persons to threats of bioterrorism,” said Andy Knox, SBA Social Studies Department Chair and one of three SBA faculty members including Corbin Prychun and Kelly Farrell to travel to the event.

During conference proceedings, SBA students represented the South African and Ugandan delegation in one of seven United Nations committees.

Said Knox: “Students worked in committee to discuss and debate their assigned world issues. The simulation had students using the same language and terminology of the U.N. while additionally following the same protocols as the actual United Nations of moderated debate, drafting resolutions and making amendments to resolutions.

“The Model U.N. experience attempts to simulate real world international discussions. Students must understand and play the role of their assigned country/delegation, form diplomatic alliances with likeminded nations as well as work under real time constraints.

“One of the more extreme, but very real, examples was when two of the seven committees were awakened at 2:00 am Friday morning and asked to dress and report to a conference room to be briefed on an evolving world crisis situation.

“The committees then proceeded to work until 6:30 am until they had successfully dealt with the issues at hand.

“This part of the Model UN experience aims to simulate the reality that - for world leaders and diplomats - a full nights sleep is certainly not guaranteed, and that if and when a crisis should take place that they need to be present to deal with the issue in real time.

“Overwhelmingly the feedback from SBA students was that this was a positive and fun new learning experience. The Model UN Club at SBA is already beginning to think about the next conference to attend.”

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

10th Grade Advisory's Squash Turkeys

Value Added!

Steve's glider pre-retrofit
Talk about "value added!" 

In this new TFM series, "Your SBA Tuition Dollars at Work," we see how SBA Meteorology and Astronomy Professor Stephen Ascher has retrofitted the control panel of his new glider with state of the art technology to allow our own students to actually travel up into storm systems or even visit other planets in search of intelligent, hopefully even gnar-shredding life. 

Apparently the process does require certain federal agencies to approve the transport of feral Marmots into space, but Head of School Tracy Keller is reportedly on that. 

Please visit the following link to see Steve's incredible handiwork: 


Who knew!! 

Marmot Mom of the Month

Barbara Hartley takes time out from her work
at Keller Williams to attend a faculty/staff meeting

With December upon us, it's time now to take a quick look back on November and issue a hearty congratulations to Barbara Hartley on being named recipient of the highly coveted yet infrequently awarded Marmot Mom of the Month Award.

Barbara - mother of SBA student/athletes Drew ('13) and Camille ('14) - has stepped in to help fill some free-ride team management needs as the comp season approaches. She will be handling a number of logistical details for the team. The Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Sugar Bowl Academy thank Barbara and welcome her to the team! 

SBA TV Introduces Alpine Coach Katharina Golik

Art by Todd Tanis, Copyright 2010
Used by Permission
Where has Devin Gill been hiding?? 

Well, he's back, this time introducing one of SBA's new Alpine coaching acquisitions, Katharina Golik...

American Humanities Students Wax Poetic

Thank you to Joanne Knox for the following report from American Humanities class...

"Students in the American Humanities class were offered several options for an Honors final project wrapping up Unit 2: 'Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.' Throughout the unit, each student in class was asked to adopt a historical persona affected by decisions made by the Continental Congress and the writers of the Constitution.

"Several students presented poems or spoken word pieces before the class that encapsulated their character's thoughts during this time. Below Laurel Fiddler presents the ideas of Phillis Wheatley and Rollin Atkinson's poem reflects the feelings of Thomas Paine."

* * *

By Laurel Fiddler 

How Is This True When I Am Not Free?

I remember the days when I crossed the ocean

I was not but a young girl

We aimed for a country glorious and independent

I stood by my new master and asked myself

How is this true when I am not free? 

They treated me like family

Taught me their language and how to write it too

I still grew up wondering where my real mother was

They may have been kind, but each day I pondered

How is this true when I am not free? 

I found my own freedom, I wrote it in poems

When with a pen I was an independent soul

But when a white man saw my creations,

He only saw the color of my skin and I ran out of the office crying

How is this true when I am not free? 

I’ve lived my life behind a fence

So they send me to Europe to have an experience

It’s wonderful and all, but I can’t help but cringe

As people remark on my so called home of the free

How is this true when I am not free? 

I sat by her bedside, holding her hand

She died in our arms, my cherished friend

She brushed my hair and taught me to sew

I’ve lived a privileged life with her, but I still do the work

How is this true when I am not free? 

Her husband tells me that I am now to be free

Can stop picking cotton and go live my dream

I got my works published, but even so

My freedom was never quite real enough for me

I still got looks from people who thought they were better 

America will be free when we can stare into another’s eyes and know

We are all just humans and until equality is here

I will keep asking

How is this true when I am not free? 

* * *

By Rollin Atkinson

January 29th, 1737
A baby born, a prodigy sent from heaven
An inspirational writer, though often misunderstood and considered irreverent
Would grow up to challenge both religion and the reverend
Thomas Paine born as a gift unto his father
Dad had grand visions, since Tom was a toddler
But at twelve Tom dropped out of school, to go no farther
Didn’t need a diploma to prove he was smarter
He spent years in England, shut down from his true potential
About his family Thomas was never sentimental
He became an apprentice, a seaman, an officer gone mental
Because, to Thomas these roles were nothing but elemental
1772 published The Case of The Officers of Excise
Thomas argued for better pay, and his arguments were precise
In London Tom met Franklin non-believer in Christ
Thomas followed Franklin to Philly, thought a change would be nice
Fame hit Thomas with a career that he loved
It was journalism that did it; fit the man like a glove
Tom gave “Common Sense” to classes below and above
“The Crisis” proved inspirational, like Noah’s dove
“These are the times that try men’s souls”
Although a poor fighter, Thomas had independence-aimed goals
At Valley Forge, the soldiers miserable, their shoes had no soles
But when read “The Crisis” these men became bold
With American ideas tucked away in his past
Tom returned to Europe, home in England at last
Writing and inventing still the most of his crafts
Tomas worked on a candle, a bridge, that couldn’t collapse
Tom still worried about despots and tyrants
“The Rights of Man” another marvelous literary rant
Criticized monarchy, the revolution of France
Became an England outlaw, fled like Guildenstern and Rosencrantz
Once in France, Thomas joined the National Convention
But quickly imprisoned because of Louis XVI Tom didn’t mention
In prison, The Age of Reason was written with contention
For Tom and the Church shared plentiful tension
Freed in 1794 barely escaping execution
James Monroe allowed Tom to bolt without a contusion
Jefferson invited Tom to live under the new constitution
But he saw that they’d eradicated his contributions
Now Tom was too old to make any amends
Tom’s popularity had gone; now unable to contend
Derided by the public and abandoned by his friends
And at the age of 72 poor old Thomas had met his end

Marmot Mom Witnesses History

Marmot Mom Nancy Talbott witnessed history today and captured it on film. SBA's first Model U.N. delegation arrives in The City...

Said Nancy, "It was fun to see the fleet of Suburbans with ski bags strapped to the top driving in the City. Fish out of water!!"

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Crunching numbers in the great outdoors...
Photo by Lauren Dunn

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

SBA's Action Video Editing elective class working on a "how-to" video...

Isaac Freeland, Luke Rodarte, Skyler Mullings, Colter Fellows

Brit Lit Goes Gothic

British Literature Class at the Sacramento Theatre Company
Thank you to Joanne Knox for the following report on a recent class excursion...

Tenth grade students in Joanne Knox’s British Literature course recently traveled to the Sacramento Theatre Company’s presentation of Mary Shelley’s timeless work Frankenstein.

Students spent several weeks reading and investigating this seminal novel and its importance to the Gothic Tradition in British Literature prior to viewing the show.

Danielle Nivinski explains, “The play was a great experience and a fun way to celebrate our reading of Frankenstein.” While Pieter Weemaes noted, “We were the best-dressed people in the building,” Daisy Schadlich also commented “we had a great time as a class.”

The students were invited to stay for a question and answer session with the actors, and even managed a photo with William Elsman, who played the role of Victor Frankenstein.

All in all, it was a great way for students to connect their literary learning with a contemporary presentation of the famous story. Special thanks goes out to Corbin Prychun for helping to chaperone this wonderful event.

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

By popular demand, a photo of the entire advisory group...

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Sierra Sun Spotlights SBST's Mark Engel

Thanksgiving Day's Sierra Sun spotlighted Mark Engel's journey to the U.S. Ski Team. 
Click on the screen capture of the article

Scene Off Campus Photo of the Day

SBA is now, more than ever, a family school with faculty children. 

Happy Thanksgiving from faculty kids Casey and Griffin!

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Senior Dylan Murtha works with Senior Project Advisor Joanne Knox.

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Grace Hutton tunes skis to raise funds for SBA's Model United Nations delegation.

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

The new campus gets a new directional sign, courtesy of labor by the older boys' advisory and parts contributions from Mountain Hardware (bucket), the Hartleys (post), and Augie DeRyk (old skis).

Nice work, gentlemen!

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Peter Carroll and Luke Rodarte hard at work and looking good in the new SBA Jackets.

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Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

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Coach Schloss Reports from West Yellowstone

"So far the training is going great in perfect skiing conditions-cold snow, firm tracks, and super psyched athletes. We trained twice today and will train twice tomorrow and will then have our first races on Wednesday-classic and skate sprint races. Everyone is healthy and into it! 

"For you wax nerds it is cold multigrade or VR40 in the mornings and warm multigrade in the afternoons. Glide is lf 6."

Thanks for the report, Jeff!

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Chris Fitzpatrick in the Science Lab; Photo by Andy Giordano

Hartley Takes to the Foam Pits at Woodward

While in Colorado last week, Drew Hartley stopped in at Woodward. Enjoy the video footage of trampoline and foam-pit practice sessions.

Woodward at Copper from Miller Studios on Vimeo.

All School Meeting Community Values Skits

Turn up your volume as high as it will go and enjoy these student-led short skits showing how NOT to interact on campus.

Scene on Campus: Riggs Reading

Showcasing SBA's academics, I will be posting a Scene on Campus Photo or Video of the Day every day from here forward. Today's photo: Nordic skier Bria Riggs has some quiet reading time in the dorm facility.

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Signing Up!

Welcoming us all back from Colorado ski camp at the entrance to our new campus site this week proudly stood our new school sign. 

The sturdy post supporting the sign frame is bolted atop a tall, rebar-reenforced cylindrical cement footer, with the post itself rising another fifteen feet or so from where post meets footer. 

One wonders how high the snow will reach on the sign this ski season? 

SBA Musicians Perform at Pioneer Center for Performing Arts

Camille Hartley, Skyler Mullings, Sam Zabell
Saturday night's performance of the Reno Philharmonic's Youth Orchestras at the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts featured the violins of SBA student/athletes Camille Hartley and Sam Zabell as well as the slide trombone playing of Skyler Mullings. 

All three travel once a week to Reno to practice with their respective branches of the Youth Orchestras, Hartley and Zabell with the Youth Symphony Orchestra and Mullings with the Youth Concert Orchestra. 

Thank you to Nevada Arts Council 2011-2012 APY Board Chair Karen Sessler for the photo!