Who's in the Burrow?

Is Santa an Alpiner? Nord? Freerider?

The raging debate (well, at least for the sake of this post) on the SBA campus regarding Santa's skiing druthers was finally put to rest at SBA's Christmas formal dinner at Village Hall.

As the image here clearly shows, Santa is most definitely (well, maybe just for this year) a freerider.

A collective and giant community "thank you!" also goes out today to the SBA Marmot Moms of the month (below) who made our most festive table settings ever, and who also donated new linens (tablecloths and napkins) to the school for our formal dinner events. 

Marmot Moms of the Month Mary Beth Larusson, Gale Klenk, Deb Plant, Barb Hartley,
Jennifer Blide, Paige Carroll, Sonja Harris, Seana Doherty
(Photos by Andy Giordano)


SBA art students this week contemplated the following profound and soul-searching question: "What is my spirit animal?"

Before beginning to paint their respective spirit animals, student-athletes filled out an on-line questionnaire designed to determine what their spirit animal might be. Results were based upon student responses to such reflective questions - in this case designed to gauge one's degree of independence from family - as the following: "How often would you visit your family if you lived in close proximity?" According to her responses to the questionnaire, the spirit animal of Elise Hardy ('14) of Vermont would be a horse. 

Yes We CAN...Again!

Sinead Danagher reads a book in front of canned goods collected
by the eighth-grade advisory
Michael Cooper, Annika Berg, and Skyler Mullings of the 9th/10th-grade "Off Piste" advisory made a plea at All School Meeting today to help families who are struggling to put food on the tables this holiday season. As previously posted HERE on The Fighting Marmot, SBA is working with Truckee Community Christmas to collect canned goods for those in the Truckee area who might otherwise go hungry. 

Student-athletes who will not be in advisory Thursday due to travel schedules: please think ahead! 

SBA Represents the UK at the RHS Model UN

Fifteen Sugar Bowl Academy student-athletes and two teachers recently traveled to San Francisco to take part in the 16th annual Regional High School Model United Nations Conference. Led by Andy Knox, Corbin Prychun, and SBA senior Conner Evans, the group represented the United Kingdom. Thank you to Corbin for the following retrospective:

"Some great moments were seeing our kids standing in front of forty to fifty other delegates presenting their ideas/solutions to key issues, watching Taylor and Conner try to convince Russia to implement stronger sanctions and actions to the Syrian regime, and allowing the kids to enjoy the sights, sounds, restaurants and stores of San Francisco." - Corbin Prychun