Who's in the Burrow?

A Century-Plus Turn Around Tahoe

Evan Dion at Emerald Bay
Life is good when it's part of your job to cycle around Lake Tahoe on a sunny spring day.

After months of planning by the "Older, Better Lookin' Boys'" advisory (ask Dylan Murtha), the first of what will hopefully be many Tahoe Lake Century SBST Fundraisers went off this week with only a few spills but lots of smiles.

Worthy of note:

Riley Plant, by
Rollin Atkinson
  • While several riders completed multiple stages, SBA Board member Dave Riggs was the sole member of the peloton to peddle all seven legs and finish the entire 120-mile ride. Way to go, Dave! 
  • Former Marmot Dad of the Month Brian Dunn made a strong case for a repeat coronation, serving as a single-man SAG wagon crew as well as official starter and time keeper. Thank you, Brian!
  • Having never been on a road bike before, Spanish teacher Aly Kendall rode a true relic of a bicycle, Marmot Man's own Schwinn Traveler (circa 1975), fearlessly through the traffic of South Lake Tahoe on the tour's fourth leg. 
  • Chef Molly prepared a fabulous feast for the entire SBA community to cap off a wonderful day. 
Michael Cooper,
by Jack Knorpp
Thank you from everybody at SBA to all of those who gave so generously to the Sugar Bowl Ski Team Foundation, either in bills, bike gear, or time! 

Enjoy the movie!