Who's in the Burrow?

Photosynthetic Restaurants? It's Elementary!

A photosynthetic restaurant is a novel concept, to be sure. The opportunity to dine on plants rendered - at least theoretically - more flavorful by a diet of "different wavelengths of light" sounds like something not to be missed. 
Sugar Bowl Academy student/athletes ventured to Sacramento last weekend for the annual school cultural excursion. This year's trip featured enlightening and entertaining stops at the Crocker Art Museum and its photosynthetic restaurant, the Sacramento Theatre Company for Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, and, the grand finale, ARCO Arena for Cirque du Soleil's Quidam (not to mention some good eats at Ikeda's!)

A giant THANK YOU goes out to the Plant and Bensch families for hosting the students and chaperones. 

Nominations for the coveted "Marmot Parents of the Month" for the month of May remain open...

The Greening of SBA

Signs of the times on SBA Doors
Seeking greener pastures?

Well, it's still snowing on Donner Summit, BUT the greening of SBA is underway nonetheless.

At a recent All-School Meeting, the tenth-grade winter-term advisory presented a movie they made highlighting how each student or staff member can help the school consume less energy. The video clip is embedded below.

The film followed a senior project status report from student-athlete Evan Dion on a study he has conducted this year of how energy is wasted on campus. The study included thermal imaging of areas where cold air is allowed to enter the main building unobstructed by fire-proof caulking or other forms of insulation. Dion didn't simply find the holes in the school's insulating systems; he repaired them himself. 

SBA Student Lounge Gets a Makeover

If you haven't seen the student lounge upstairs at SBA lately, it's time to pay at least a virtual visit. 

Kelly Farrell's Art students have been giving the room a mural makeover, with some dramatic images of bluebird days skiing - freestyle, nordic and alpine all included - in the Sierra Nevada.
May the Force Ski With You, Sam!

Not to mention one baaad, beanie-sporting Fighting Marmot poised for battle with...probably somebody from Squaw Valley. 

Lauren Dunne painted this marmot
The photos don't tell the whole story, so please see the short video below you get a spare moment. 

Thank you to the SBA Art class for the mural makeover! The Fighting Marmot will check back in at the end of the year to see where things stand. 

Keep an eye out for the product placement...