Who's in the Burrow?

Structures and Instructions: Bio Goes Hands On

Julia Shray and Domenic Salvo
Biology students were tasked this week with building a small block structure, then articulating to a partner the procedures to be followed to replicate the structure. 

Following the verbal instruction phase, students then evaluated what had worked and what had not in the process, then collaborated in drafting a clear, written set of instructions that would allow a reader to easily replicate one of the building block structures they had designed.

Sinead Danagher gives instructions to Casey Jobe (not pictured)

Scene on Campus Pic of the Day

Trips program groups have begun meeting to organize and to allow for student-athlete input into these experiential learning opportunities. Click HERE to learn more about our Inaugural Trips Program. 

Andy Knox and Andy Giordano will be co-leading a coastal scuba-diving trip. Below, Andy and Andy confer with their group. 

Spotlight on Advisory, Part 2

Did you ever think you might have an opportunity to learn fencing ... at a ski academy?

That's precisely what happened yesterday in one SBA advisory group (click HERE to learn more about SBA advisory and to see Part 1). Seen here, Head Nordic Coach Jeff Schloss spars with student-athletes. 

Spotlight on Advisory, Part 1

SBA's advisory program is designed with a variety of goals in mind, serving variously as a system of support for the whole child outside of the traditional classroom setting, as an environment conducive to introspection and goal setting, and as a place where our student-athletes can explore and reflect as an intellectual exercise on how a simple theme can connect life's experiences.

And, often, it's just plain fun! Here, the older boys' and girls' advisory groups get together to take some ballroom dance lessons from Nordic Coach Martin Benes. 

All About the Snow

Steve Ascher hands Camille Hartley
the Snow Pool Snowball Trophy
For about a decade now, math/science teacher/meteorologist Steve Ascher has hosted a Snow Pool to predict the first day of snow on campus. Today, Camille Hartley received the coveted snowball trophy for correctly calling our first day of snow.

"I feel psychic," said Hartley.

Fortuitously, Janet Hardy (mother of SBA's Elise, '14), manager of the U.S. Army's Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory, was on campus today to talk to our student-athletes about how a love for skiing and snow put her on the career path that led her to study snow and ice for the U.S. government at its Hanover, N.H. laboratory.

Hardy showed students satellite images of polar ice melt and discussed how students can find gainful employment by pursuing their passions. Her presentation came about thanks in part to a student-led effort to create a guest-speaker series on campus. Senior Brian Francis worked with Hardy and campus administrators to bring about a presentation which would coincide with a planned visit to campus. On behalf of the entire SBA community, The Fighting Marmot thanks Mrs. Hardy for her fascinating presentation.

Janet Hardy addresses the student-athlete body at All School Meeting today