Who's in the Burrow?

SBA's Inaugural Trips Program Unveiled

Parents of SBA student-athletes will be receiving word within the next week from faculty and staff leaders of five, five-day spring experiential-learning trips. Students signed up for their trips - a new offering at SBA - earlier this fall.

Thank you to Dean of Students Andy Giordano for the following preview of our trips program.

"As we revamp our advisory program this year, advisers are focused on developing connections to our local community and environment. Regular service learning opportunities are diverse as we aim to develop a sense of place for our students in the Donner Summit and Truckee communities. Excitingly, we are also introducing a trips program with the objective of preparing students to be active citizens in a broader community. Trips take all year to prepare and about a week to actuate, but have a lasting impact on students, as immersive experiences tend to be the most transformative. The trips in our place-based program take students into real places where they engage in a cultural, service-based, outdoor or collegiate program, custom designed by SBA teachers and planned by participating students. In this inaugural year, our trips are five-days long and are largely cultural and outdoors focused. From April 26th to 30th, students will be travelling to either Salt Lake City, Owens River Gorge, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Lost Coast, or to Monterey, depending on their choice. Students have all selected their trips and are excited to start engaging in the trip planning with their trip coordinators. Between now and May, a series of all school meetings and lunch sessions are designed to provide time to develop the trips between groups and mentors, and to set the scale for the academic portions of each trip. As our students cast broader nets of engagement, starting with their local community and environment, building towards entering the global citizenry, they develop a healthy sense of stewardship, of responsibility and interest and the strength and know-how to engage productively."
Posters of the five trips, developed by trip designers in conjunction with Giordano