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Fundamentals of Sports Psychology, by Joelle Romo

Seniors this week are sweating their senior project presentations. Here, Joelle Romo explains intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation in discussing some of the fundamentals of sports psychology as they apply to ski racing. 

Pushing Boundaries, Striving for Personal Summits

UPDATED! (See student testimonials below)
The advisory program at Sugar Bowl Academy provides opportunities for students to explore alternative curricula, ideas, and activities outside of our academic or athletic program and setting. This May, our tenth-grade advisory group, known as "10acious," planned and executed a ski mountaineering expedition on Mount Shasta. Even though we didn't reach the summit, students pushed boundaries and achieved their own personal summits. Be sure to take in all of Advisor and Photographer Extraordinaire Andy Giordano's photos at  this link

Student Testimonials
“I learned that going through a really hard thing is totally worth the struggle.  This is different because we read about adventures and stuff like this but we never get to really experience it…but we did and not every kid gets to learn this kind of stuff hands-on.”
-Erika Klenk

“I learned that our advisory works really well together and we are a good team…on this trip our advisory worked as a team and we all had to interact and communicate in order for the trip to run smoothly.”
-Bria Riggs

“This experience was amazing.  I had a great time with my class…I have always been around the mountains but have never had the same experience as I did last weekend.  I loved getting away with my classmates and getting to know each other better.”
-Daisy Schadlich

“The powder skiing that Sunday afternoon was the most fun powder skiing I’ve ever done, mainly because of the work we put in to get there.  This trip was the most adventurous trip I’ve been on…now that we are finished, I realized that we accomplished something this school has never done.”
-Pieter Weemaes

“This is different than everyday life because, even though I work out daily, I have never pushed my limits for a full two days.  I’m glad I could have this experience with my friends so we could challenge each other.”
-Dani Nivinski

“There were subtle differences between climbing Shasta and going to school; more hard work and much colder…and tighter sleeping conditions…I had a great time and the skiing was fantastic.”
-Marc Talbott

“What surprised me was how mentally strong you have to be to keep going and keep hiking…I got to do something unique that someone might not even think is possible.  I learned more about myself and my limits.”
-Julia Bjorkman

“It was a great experience, and I have a lot of funny memories from the trip.”
-Alex Alvarez

“This experience was unique because we got to challenge ourselves.  The incredible beauty of Mount Shasta surprised me. I saw an amazing view that was well worth the cost of waking up early.”
-Camille Hartley
Special thanks to Dave Riggs for training 10acious to climb such a mountain and to our fantastic ASI guides Tim Dobbins and Lorenzo Worster for their abilities on the mountain and with the students. We would also like to thank our Sugar Bowl Academy community for their support and participation in our gear drive.

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day, 5/29

Why was SBA alum Austin Meng ('11) in drag during our recent Tahoe Lake Century? Does it have to do with his team's finish at the Pole Peddle Paddle? (Also, check out Meng's collegiate student-athlete profile here).
Austin Meng, Martin Benes

Remember When?

As the 2011-2012 school year draws to a close, The Fighting Marmot takes a look back at some of the hard work from the fall that led to our student-athletes' success on the trails and slopes.