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Hartley Siblings Top Balloting at Student Council Elections

A heartwarming photo greeted student-athletes as they filed into 102 today for Student Council elections.

Taken well before their Fighting Marmot days, the photo showed big brother Drew - Captain of SBA Team Freeride - draping an arm affectionately over the shoulder of little sister, Camille, an SBA Nordic ski racer. 

"Vote Hartley," the campaign poster declared. No exclamation point needed: Camille's upraised thumb said it all. 

The brother-sister duo was elected President (Drew) and Vice President (Camille) today at All School Meeting after delivering a campaign speech they had co-authored as a poem to the student body (stay tuned for the text of the speech to be published). 

Congratulations also to Chuck Klein and Daisy Schadlich, who were elected Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, and to all of the candidates for having the courage to run for office and for the strength of their speeches. 

"The speeches today from all of the candidates were the best I have heard during my time as Student Council Advisor," said Aly Kendall. "It's exciting to see our students show so much interest in leadership roles within our community, and I look forward to working with the newly elected leaders on campus as they plan community-building and charitable activities for our student body."

Student Council membership is open to all student-athletes and depends on their participation and creativity for its success. 

"We are looking forward to lots of Marmot participation this year," said Aly. "All are welcome."

On Character

SBA seniors Chris Fitzpatrick, Katrin Larusson, and Chuck Klein addressed the student body at our opening Village Hall formal dinner Tuesday. One of the main thrusts of their address: character... 

Scene on Campus Photo of the Day

Tonight's formal dinner at Village Hall featured the annual signing of the Student-Athlete Pledge. Dean of Students Andy Giordano also addressed the SBA community about breaking down barriers and seeing past stereotypes, using the characters from the 1980's movie "The Breakfast Club" - the brain, the jock, the princess, the criminal, and the basket case - to challenge students to think of themselves and others as being much more than meets the eye. Below, second-year SBA student-athlete Erika Klenk signs the pledge.

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