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10th Grade Advisory's Squash Turkeys

Value Added!

Steve's glider pre-retrofit
Talk about "value added!" 

In this new TFM series, "Your SBA Tuition Dollars at Work," we see how SBA Meteorology and Astronomy Professor Stephen Ascher has retrofitted the control panel of his new glider with state of the art technology to allow our own students to actually travel up into storm systems or even visit other planets in search of intelligent, hopefully even gnar-shredding life. 

Apparently the process does require certain federal agencies to approve the transport of feral Marmots into space, but Head of School Tracy Keller is reportedly on that. 

Please visit the following link to see Steve's incredible handiwork: 


Who knew!! 

Marmot Mom of the Month

Barbara Hartley takes time out from her work
at Keller Williams to attend a faculty/staff meeting

With December upon us, it's time now to take a quick look back on November and issue a hearty congratulations to Barbara Hartley on being named recipient of the highly coveted yet infrequently awarded Marmot Mom of the Month Award.

Barbara - mother of SBA student/athletes Drew ('13) and Camille ('14) - has stepped in to help fill some free-ride team management needs as the comp season approaches. She will be handling a number of logistical details for the team. The Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Sugar Bowl Academy thank Barbara and welcome her to the team!