Who's in the Burrow?

"An awesome day for SBA!"

Coaches Schloss and Benes report from Soldier Hollow on multiple podiums by Team Nordic! Thanks to Skyler Mullings for all the @SugarBowlNordic Twitter updates (at left) and this video! Rumor is, Coach Ambrose is going to be shaving his beard thanks to Bria!

Role Play Today at SBA

Joanne Knox submitted the following photo of a Humanities class production. Said Joanne: "Students are reading Mark Twain's Puddn'head Wilson, a story that deals with the bucolic town of Dawson's Landing, Missouri around the time of the Civil War. Students today presented skits incorporating plot elements, characterization, and textual support in costume."

Scene on Campus: Clean and Other Advisory Action

Prestige Gallery in the making

Chris Fitzpatrick on the palm sander,
Ambrose on supervision
Austin Peña and Spencer Crist on Clean

Sierra Sun Coverage of SBA Alpine Dominance

SBA Student/Athletes Wade into Political Consulting

"We picked Romney because we felt he had the largest chance out of all of the candidates since he has been steady in the polls throughout the entire race thus far. The race is getting more interesting!!" - Cassidy Cichowicz
Put in the shoes of hired political consultants for an AP English Language and Composition project, SBA student/athletes Grace Hutton, Dylan Murtha, and Cassidy Cichowicz delivered the advertisement below for Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney.

"Back in December the AP Language students chose Romney as the most likely to win the Republican nomination and the election, based on the various candidates' relative appeals and liabilities," said teacher Ambrose Tuscano. "They did a lot of background research on the primary candidates and watched a bunch of ads to get the flavor of the race, looking at all the details of making an effective, persuasive (campaign) commercial." The objective of this assignment was for students to use the fundamentals of persuasive rhetoric to produce an ad that would appeal to South Carolinian Republican voters in the run up to that state's primary.

"Students did research on South Carolina's Republican electorate and then chose the type of ad they wanted to produce (positive or negative) and the main themes they hoped to touch on," Tuscano said. "From there, each student scripted a 20-second piece of ad that would highlight one or two of the themes the class had chosen to evoke--patriotism, fiscal acumen, etc. The finished product, not surprisingly, turned out to be a lot like some real ads the Romney campaign was running in South Carolina."

After creating their ad, AP Language students will be looking at how candidates prepare for a debate and write a speech. Each step of the process is heavily dependent on rhetoric (or persuasion), which is a primary focus of the AP Language course.