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Brit Lit Goes Gothic

British Literature Class at the Sacramento Theatre Company
Thank you to Joanne Knox for the following report on a recent class excursion...

Tenth grade students in Joanne Knox’s British Literature course recently traveled to the Sacramento Theatre Company’s presentation of Mary Shelley’s timeless work Frankenstein.

Students spent several weeks reading and investigating this seminal novel and its importance to the Gothic Tradition in British Literature prior to viewing the show.

Danielle Nivinski explains, “The play was a great experience and a fun way to celebrate our reading of Frankenstein.” While Pieter Weemaes noted, “We were the best-dressed people in the building,” Daisy Schadlich also commented “we had a great time as a class.”

The students were invited to stay for a question and answer session with the actors, and even managed a photo with William Elsman, who played the role of Victor Frankenstein.

All in all, it was a great way for students to connect their literary learning with a contemporary presentation of the famous story. Special thanks goes out to Corbin Prychun for helping to chaperone this wonderful event.