Who's in the Burrow?

Marmots Dig Out the SBA Burrow, Are Rewarded With...A School Day?!?!

From the Blogspot http://furrymarmots.blogspot.com comes the following factoid regarding our favorite furry creature: 

"Marmots are very adept at digging and have the large, thick front claws to prove it."

Fighting Marmot dorm residents answered the call of duty issued by Head of School Tracy Keller yesterday, manning the shovels to clear their burrow of who knows how many feet of snow fell on Donner Summit over the weekend. 

Here's SBA-TV coverage, in case you missed it on Facebook...

Maybe they thought that their digging would be followed by a day of hibernation?! No such luck! While local public schools had a snow day today, SBA student-athletes were back in school!