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SBA Older Boys Advisory Issues School-wide Challenge

photo from the World Bicycle Relief site

A challenge was issued to all Sugar Bowl Academy advisory groups by the “older boys” advisory at SBA’s All School Meeting Friday.

That challenge: by Thanksgiving, each of the school’s four advisory groups should follow the example of the eleventh and twelfth grade boys’ advisory and raise $134 toward the purchase of a bicycle for students and workers of Africa, whose only way to get to school or to the market with heavy loads of bananas or other produce is on foot.

“This was something that (co-advisors) Andy (Knox) and Nate (Fisher) found and brought to our advisory,” said student Austin Schrage. “We said, yeah, it’s a pretty cool idea, we should do it.”

“Our group was really excited to do it,” said Fisher. “This donation was a fairly random idea that we heard about through the grapevine, but something Andy and I thought would be a fun group project.”

“They say that
 these bikes are almost indestructible. especially designed to carry heavy loads, which is why it’s a little more expensive,” added Schrage.

“Also, for every twenty bikes given to each community, World Bicycle Relief will train a mechanic to fix the bikes in the community, so a little bit of money goes toward that training.”
“Apparently, it has also 
brought up enrollment in schools by huge amounts. Kids now have a way to get to school.”

More information on the World Bicycle Relief initiative can be found at http://www.worldbicyclerelief.org/.

A PayPal “Donate” button can be found in the blog sidebar to make small contributions toward the purchase of the bikes in the name of Sugar Bowl Academy. The funds are earmarked specifically for appropriation only to the Bikes for Africa initiative.