Who's in the Burrow?

spokesMarmot speaks

Marmot Folk,

Parent meetings this weekend were very helpful to me in my capacity as spokesMarmot, as I learned that not everybody knows how to access the blog or how to comment on posts. Hopefully the following will help clarify...

This is relevant to the last blog post in particular, which contains two embedded YouTube videos of SBA students from Joanne Knox's Drama class performing one-acts in All School Meeting Friday. Unfortunately, when this content "pushes" out to your email addresses, it apparently strips video content if it exceeds a certain megabyte limit, and you cannot view the videos unless you click on The Fighting Marmot link that appears at the bottom of each blog post email you receive. In the future, for each post, I will include a hyperlink that you can click on in your email. Commenting is easy - there is a "Comment" feature at the bottom of each post.

If you would like for me to add any grandparents, friends, or family to the blog content "push" list (I had a request from Carrie's grandmother to add her email address), please don't hesitate to send me those email addresses - you can either post them as a comment to this post, or you can send them to me via email (sbacademy@gmail.com).

Friend us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter (@SugarBowlAcad) - posts launched from the spokesMarmot TweetDeck include one regarding the outcome of this weekend's much anticipated on-campus clash of foosball titans Landsinger and Plant.

Finally, here's a plug to keep your eyes out for the next post, which will be a feature on hands-on learning and geocaching in Andy Giordano's Applied Science class.

Great things are happening up on The Rock!

Marmot Man

PS - Here's your url so you can view the drama videos: http://sugarbowlacademy.blogspot.com/2010/10/drama-in-all-school-meeting.html. You will notice, too, "Scene on Campus" photos at the top of the blog that are updated regularly, so bookmark it, or, better yet, make it your default Web page when your browser opens.)