Who's in the Burrow?

Cake and Trivia Podiums for Ninth-Grade Full-Year Advisory Parents, Students

A clear favorite emerged on Valentine's Day today for the hypothetical, unofficial, yet highly-coveted MAGMA trophy (Marmot Advisory Group of the Month Award, for those who need enlightenment on this minutes-old school tradition).

Head of School Tracy Keller's SBA trivia challenge - styled as an advisory group competition - for parents attending 2011 Parents Weekend this past weekend was won by the Ninth-Grade Full-Year Advisory parents.

And, apparently inspired by their parents, the Ninth-Grade Full-Year Advisory students stepped it up today to take the top podium award at a Student Council-sponsored (and with a ton of supply-gathering help from Student Council Advisor Aly Kendall, aka Valentine Gal of Marmot Man) First Annual Valentine's Day Cake-Decorating Contest.

To help set the...er...romantic tone, students were treated to "The One Semester of Spanish Spanish Love Song" (one of Marmot Man's personal all-time favorites, and which I will embed below for your viewing pleasure). Enjoy the photo slide show of today's All School Meeting activities and the YouTube video, as well!


¡Feliz Día de San Valentín, marmotas!