Who's in the Burrow?

Gatorade Frenzy

There was a flurry of Marmot activity last week outside the Performance Training Center following the arrival of a pallet of Gatorade (a new sponsor, thanks to the far reach of Douglas and Candice Brooks in the athletic training world). 

No doubt about it: Here at SBA, we will work for Gatorade, (and we will recycle all those bottles)!

"It's really interesting that we have all the different kinds of Gatorade for our workout - pre, during and after workout," said Maya Crosby. "It makes me feel like I'm taking care of myself while I'm racing and recharging my body."

"Sugar Bowl Academy is very excited about our new partnership with Gatorade," said Director of Athlete Training Douglas Brooks. 

"'G' support allows us to prepare our athletes with the best hydration and nutrition system in the market place. The athletes are noticing how sufficient calorie intake and nutrient timing are positively influencing training and performance on the hill."