Who's in the Burrow?

Hats and Sweats On for High Fives Foundation

Camille Hartley, member of the 9th-Grade
Girls' Advisory, breaks the dress code
in memorable style
to benefit High Fives.
SBA's Student Council has sponsored break-the-dress-code days every Wednesday this year as a regular fund raiser to support High Fives Foundation, a local charity helping those who have suffered life-altering sports injuries. 

Students pay $1 to wear a hat and $2 for the privilege of sporting sweat pants. 

Student Council threw down the gauntlet this week, turning the spring fund raiser into a challenge between each of the school's advisory groups. 

The ninth-grade girls' advisory group now leads the competition in per-capita giving, based on their generous donations today.

"Student Council was happy to see the many donations of support today, and is thrilled to have raised $70 in our first day of the competition," said Student Council Advisor Aly Kendall. 

"Way to give Marmots!!!!!"