Who's in the Burrow?

"Poise, Dedication and Professionalism"

A simple ski-racing analogy - that's what the SBA Senior Project boils down to for student/athlete and Alpine racer Scott Cooper. 

"Senior Project is what I imagine a Nordic race to be like: endless and painful while you are doing it, but rewarding in the end."

Last week, each SBA senior had the opportunity to share with students, staff and parents what knowledge and broader life lessons they had gleaned from the SBA Senior Project experience. 

A video is embedded below with clips from each of this year's Senior Project presentations.

Concluding Senior Project Presentations week on Friday, Advisor Joanne Knox addressed the audience with the following remarks: 
Thank you to audience members who asked thoughtful questions that asked seniors to synthesize their ideas on the spot and provide answers with authority. Thank you to teachers, coaches, staff, and parents for attending these presentations. The encouraging tone demonstrated by all of you for our seniors during the Senior Project experience was one that showed our community's support and validation for this endeavor and the accomplishments of our seniors. Seniors, your poise, dedication and professionalism in presenting your ideas truly created an atmosphere of celebration for your accomplishments rather than making this a threshold through which I was concerned some of you might not pass. You have been a joy to work with this year; I will miss you and I am proud of each and every one of you for rising to the challenge of Senior Project and coming through a wiser, more thoughtful individual. Congratulations!