Who's in the Burrow?

The REAL Marmot Man

You've heard a lot about the estimable Mr. Brian Dunn throughout the first year of The Fighting Marmot, what with his numerous coronations as Marmot Dad of the Month for the spirit of parent volunteerism that he has brought to the SBA school community.

Consider this Mr. Dunn's coronation as Marmot Man of the Year.

Returning to the dorm facility this afternoon after our first day of classes of the 2011 school year, I found Brian on the back deck working on an improvement/repair project that he had started over the weekend. It was, of course, Labor Day.

Here are some photos of his handiwork:

The deck project is one of too many campus improvement projects to enumerate that Brian has undertaken since the close of the 2010-2011 school year.

This is not to minimize the work of other parent volunteers who have improved dorm living and made our campus transition so much easier. Here are some of those (with an apology to Graeme Plant, who I was unable to track down for a mug shot) who have given generously of their time to the Marmot cause this summer: 

Gale Klenk
Mike Piercy

Carl DeRyk
Mike Blide
The entire SBA community is deeply grateful and indebted for the efforts of these and other parents to remake our campus. If anybody has been left out, please let me know for a later posting. 

This skiing Marmot is a tiny token of our appreciation to all parent volunteers:

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