Who's in the Burrow?

UNR Sign Language Faculty Desfor Steps In to SBA Sign Class

Emily Desfor

SBA's Sign Language students recently had a distinguished guest visitor, University of Nevada-Reno faculty member Emily Desfor. 

"It was great fun signing with Joanne (Knox) and her class," said Desfor, a certified interpreter for the deaf who was contracted to interpret for both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush. 

"They were enthusiastic to participate in all of the non-verbal activities that we did. Facial expression is extremely important in ASL for both grammatical and emotive purposes. Therefore, we focused on conveying information through facial expression and mime and then added signs. 

"They have been working on signs for emotions. We had just a short time to talk about manual and non-manual aspects of signing and some of the cultural aspects that they have learned about. 

"I appreciate Joanne's invitation and the warm welcome I received!"