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Mulling The Past of Photography

Here's irony for you: one of SBA's biggest technophiles - the guy who is always making movies with his GoPro cam, MacBook, and Final Cut Pro - has taken a page from what may be fourth-century B.C. photography technology. 

Student/Athlete Skyler Mullings has made a pinhole camera for Chris Close's Physical Science Class using an oatmeal canister.

Mullings' make-shift darkroom for cutting 8x10 inch sheets of photographic paper Friday to fit his canister was the boys' bathroom, and visiting prospective student/athlete Daniel Pompa voluntarily assisted in the procedure. 

Close said she found the photographic paper at a shop in Tahoe City. Originally priced at $25.59 for 25 sheets, the photography shop pitched in the paper for free. 

The next step in the process is to find somebody with the darkroom and chemicals necessary to develop the photo that Mullings took with his pinhole camera on Friday. Suggestions are welcome.

Little-known fact, BTW: Worldwide Pinhole Camera Day will be celebrated on April 29th. 

Prospective Student/Athlete Danny Pompa
and Skyler, before heading into pitch black

8x10 sheets of photo paper and the canister