Who's in the Burrow?

Plant a Tree, Support Your School, and Order a Yearbook ... by April 27th!

The Yearbook staff, led by Chief Editor Maya Anthony-Crosby, has been working diligently this year to produce a book which will make us all proud to be part of the Sugar Bowl Academy teaching and learning community. 

While the theme hopefully remains somewhat of a mystery within our school community, I can report with confidence that it could go down in history as one of the most unique - not to mention difficult - themes to ever be attempted by a yearbook staff. It is a theme which speaks to the individuality and creative spirit of our student-athletes. 

The price of the yearbook this year is $37.11, with $5 of the purchase price going to support teaching and learning at Sugar Bowl Academy. The yearbook staff this year is working with TreeRing Corporation, a Silicon Valley-based company which has been featured in a number of national news spots and which pledges to plant a tree for every book it prints. Naturally, that means that the more books we order, the more trees will be planted. 

Purchase orders are due April 27th to the office. Delivery is currently scheduled for the first week in June.

We all owe a huge collective THANK YOU to our yearbook staffers, including school leaders Anthony-Crosby, Laurel Fiddler, Lauren Dunn, Katrin Larusson, Cassidy Cichowicz, Sinclaire O'Grady, Bria Riggs, Erika Klenk, and Taylor Elicegui. Each has given selflessly of her time to make a yearbook we will long enjoy and remember. 

Please support your school and Mother Nature and order your yearbook today!