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Tahoe Lake Century Ride

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The planning stages have begun for our second annual school-wide peddle around Lake Tahoe.

This year's ride is styled as a fund raiser to help supply bicycles for people in the developing world whose primary mode of transportation would otherwise be heel and toe.

If you are new to the ride or contemplating joining the pelotón - or if you were along last year but want to take a walk down memory lane - the YouTube video is embedded at the foot of this post.

The following letter recently went out to SBA families. Donations of equipment (bicycles, pumps, etc) as well as of funds to help Sugar Bowl Academy bring more bicycles to the developing world would be welcomed!
Dear SBA families, 
Happy Spring! Sugar Bowl Academy is committed to developing well-rounded student athletes in connection with the school’s mission of developing mind, body and spirit. It is in the name of these three ideals that the 11th/12th grade boys’ advisory group is planning the 2nd annual Lake Tahoe Century, a bike ride/school fundraiser around Lake Tahoe on Tuesday, May 22nd.  Our hope is that this event will continue to be a community tradition at the academy for years to come.
Our bodies will be challenged by riding a leg, or multiple legs, of the 100+ miles around Lake Tahoe and back to the Academy on Donner Summit. We will utilize our minds by creating an enjoyable, organized and memorable community building experience that can be enjoyed not only by current SBA students and parents, but also by future SBA students. We will fuel our spirits by using this as an opportunity to raise money for the SBA Annual Fund, which helps, among other things, to provide scholarships to both current and future Academy students. 
This year we are proud to say we are teaming up with the World Bicycle Relief, a Chicago based non-profit organization dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles”.  Please check out their website to learn more about their mission at http://www.worldbicyclerelief.org/.  Each student has been presented with information on how exactly the “bike-a-thon” style fundraiser will take place. Most importantly, this is not a race. SBA students, faculty, families and friends will have the choice to ride one or more legs around Lake Tahoe, done in a relay format. However, we will be striving to lower our overall time to complete the entire ride! 
We could use any help in finding equipment to use for the ride, volunteering your time to ride with us and/or aid in transportation. Please e-mail us at centuryride@sbacademy.org with any logistical questions, if you are interested in helping out or if you have any safety concerns. Lastly, the date of the bike ride is Tuesday, May 22nd. However, if faced with inclement weather it will be rescheduled for Thursday, May 29th. We are excited and can’t wait to ride!
On behalf of the student body, thank you in advance for your continued support of the Sugar Bowl Academy community.  
-“The Older Boys” - Andy Knox & Ambrose Tuscano/Corbin Prychun 11th/12th grade Boys’ Advisory