Who's in the Burrow?

December's Marmot Mom and Dad of the Month

Fighting Marmot parents are often found selflessly pitching in at races, comps, formal dinners, and other school functions. That spirit of volunteerism and teamwork strengthens our community in so many ways, and - as we ring in the New Year - The Fighting Marmot would like to recognize December's Marmot Dad and Mom of the Month, Nute Mullings and Sonja Harris, father and mother of SBA student-athlete Skyler Mullings ('16). Nute and Sonja are fixtures at Auburn Ski Club Nordic races, assuring that the race course is properly marked pre race and, often, that everything is properly and neatly stored post race. For all their efforts, The Fighting Marmot names Nute Mullings  and Sonja Harris Marmot Dad and Mom of the Month. 

If you have any nominees for super parents, please use the "Contact Us" tab at left, and Happy New Year to the entire Fighting Marmot family!