Who's in the Burrow?

Hands-on Learning in Physical Science

Stepping into Steve Ascher's Physical Science class this week, I had to ask:

"What are THOSE?" 

Like something salvaged from the wreckage of an alien spacecraft (control levers of some sort, I surmised), two shiny metal orbs were perched on the table near the class entry. 

Steve gave me the usual look he gives me when I display my ignorance of science - askance, at best - and invited me to sit and see for myself.

Here is what took place...

Essentially, I'm told, what you are seeing in this video is the redistribution of electrons. 

"Electrons are leaving Lauren's hands, resulting in her having a positive charge," said Steve. 

"The other globe takes on a negative charge, so that, when it is brought in proximity to the positive one, both are neutralized. 

"We only had to leave (Lauren) in the snow for a few hours before she was safe to have around others."