Who's in the Burrow?

Mark Your Calendars!

Spring is the time when things start to ramp up on campuses everywhere. 

SBA is no exception, and now is the time to mark your calendars so you don't miss out on some annual spring campus happenings. 

Joanne Knox provided the following updates on two of the spring's more important events: presentation of senior projects (June 1st through 3rd) and the SBA drama class's play (June 10th and 11th)....
Seniors at SBA are deeply entrenched in the final stages of their Senior Projects, the culminating academic experience at Sugar Bowl Academy. Through the Senior Project endeavor, seniors are asked to individually develop a research topic focus and an original essential question through which to view their research. All students demonstrate their learning through a substantial research paper, a portfolio, and a half-hour long presentation to the school community in June. Additionally, some students will present a product they have created.  

At this point, students are working on the final touches of their research papers and will shortly begin the presentation and portfolio endeavors. Below is a list of topics in which students are currently engaged:

  • Carrie AdamsThe Effect of Violent Environments on Women
  • Jace BenschPolitics and the Theatre
  • Dylan BrooksNutrition and Alpine Athletes
  • Scott CooperDrug Trafficking and Policy in Columbia
  • Evan DionSustainable Energy and the Small Business
  • Austin MengEffects of Proper Nutrition on Nordic Skiers
  • Ben StoneGlobalization and Aid in the Masai Mara

If you are able, please plan on attending some or all of these presentations on June1st – 3rd!


This spring, SBA’s drama class is excited to bring you a production of "Voices From the High School," written by Peter Dee. This collection of dialogues offers a unique perspective into the lives and minds of high school students that may not always be visible. The cast includes both veteran and debut performances by: Augie DeRyk, Carrie Adams, Jace Bensch, Cassidy Cichowicz, Evan Dion, Kelly Habibi, Grace Hutton, Katrin Larusson, Dylan Murtha, Bria Riggs, Perry Schaffner, Steven Tetrault, and Pieter Weemaes. Our production will be the weekend of June 10th and 11th (the weekend before graduation), and we hope you can attend!

Thank you, Joanne!