Who's in the Burrow?

Celebrando el cinco de mayo

Maya Crosby made this piñata rana
Is it crass commercialization or a true cultural celebration? 

Is el cinco de mayo Mexican Independence Day? (Hint: NOT!!!)

Bria Riggs addressed the SBA student body on the subject of el cinco de mayo at All School Meeting on Friday, and the celebration of the unlikely defeat of French forces by a small Mexican fighting contingent in Puebla on May 5, 1862, was in full swing on campus today. 

papel picado
The eighth-grade advisory contributed papel picado while Student Council planned a piñata bashing that ended with one mighty swing from Steven el Trueno Tetrault. Chef Molly chipped in her Mexican culinary expertise with a tasty burrito bar. 

And, on the related subject of the Spanish language, an SBA Spanish 3 class, with considerable iMovie expertise from Chuck Klein, produced the embedded movie below. 

The scenario: a fortune-teller (Chris Fitzpatrick) gives various clients (Maya Crosby, Joe Piercy, Chuck Klein, and Conner Evans) some good and bad news about what he sees in their respective futures.