Who's in the Burrow?

SBA Student/Athletes Take Charge of Pledge Makeover

Pilar Alvarez, Luke Rodarte, and Colter Fellows sign
the SBA Student/Athlete Pledge
Charged with a mission from Head of School Tracy Keller, a small volunteer committee of student/athletes from each grade level began meeting last spring to reevaluate and rewrite SBA's Student/Athlete Pledge. 

The pledge, said Keller, had become outdated and "seemed distant, adultish, and hard to understand.

"We basically started from scratch and brainstormed a list of things that are important to our community and important to remember as SBA students.  

"A few areas the kids thought of that I never would have included are the fact that it was a privilege to attend SBA and that it’s an opportunity to always keep in perspective.  

"We had some really insightful conversations as a small group and then presented a first draft (written mainly by Steven Tetrault and Cassidy Cichowicz) to the whole school during an all school meeting.

"The committee took feedback and made a few alterations to the pledge, and it was ultimately reviewed by staff before being published."

The final product, signed by all SBA student/athletes at a Village Hill formal dinner and pledge ceremony last week, can be seen below. 

Finally, kudos and many thanks from the entire SBA community to Chef Scott for a wonderful dinner!