Who's in the Burrow?

Star Power in the Performance Training Center

Rahlves (far right), runs with
Dylan Murtha, Chris Fitzpatrick, and Luke Rodarte.
(Photo by Andy Giordano)
U.S. Olympic speed skier Daron Rahlves brought his star power to the Sugar Bowl Academy Performance Training Center Wednesday afternoon.

“This is like being home more and more,” said Rahlves, who led the student/athletes from the academy’s Alpine and Freestyle skiing disciplines through a grueling “plyometric” workout.

“I have four year-old twins, and they’re in the Sugar Bowl program this season.

High Fives! Photo by Andy Giordano
“The Sugar Bowl Academy, it’s something that, if I had this when I was growing up, this is where I would be. 

“I’m hoping to add a few things with my experiences through…training, racing in the World Cup and having some success there and passing it on.

“There are a lot of hard workers here, and if I can give a little help to make it run a little easier, that’s what it’s all about.”

Rahlves spun a few tales from the professional skiing circuit for the SBA student/athletes, and also gave MVP awards to the hardest working male and female.

Female MVP went to SBA freshman Lauren Dunn, while male MVP went to SBA 2011 graduate Scott Cooper.