Who's in the Burrow?

Fall Festival in Film

Taylor Elicegui and Alex Alvarez
Halloween and the 2011 Fall Festival attracted campus visits from the likes of Batman and Robin (Riley Plant and Colter Fellows), Candice and Douglas Brooks (Lauren Dunn and Augie DeRyk), not one but two Fighting Marmots (see the movie), and Calvin and Hobbes (Matt Hourigan).

All great costumes, to be sure, but, for simplicity, the hands-down and highly coveted Top Minimalist Costume Prize goes - in the humble and unbiased judgement of Marmot Man - to Mr. Stephen (with a "ph") Ascher.

Well-deserved kudos go out to Student Council and especially to Dylan Murtha and Master of Ceremonies Chuck Klein for a successful Fall Festival!

Enjoy the films, and keep an eye out for the Fighting Marmot Play of the Day, which goes to our esteemed Head of School.

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