Who's in the Burrow?

SBA Alumni Offer Some Sage Advice

Have they already achieved "sage" status? Now enjoying their first year in college, several SBA alumni stopped by campus late last week to offer their advice to the senior class on a variety of topics, from what life is like as a college athlete to how to navigate SBA's challenging Senior Projects (click HERE to learn more). Thank you to Joanne Knox for the following report. 

SBA Class of 2012 Members (left to right) Kelly Habibi,
Joelle Romo, Joe Piercy, and Dylan Murtha
"Some of the illustrious alumni from the class of 2012 recently stopped by SBA’s Senior Project class to impart some sage advice and wisdom to this year’s senior class. Kelly Habibi, Dylan Murtha, Joe Piercy, and Joelle Romo provided our current seniors with an understanding of how the skills they learned in Senior Project have helped them succeed in their freshman year coursework. Additionally, current students probed our alumni on topics ranging from what it is like to be a college athlete to how the food on campus tastes to what it is like to be in a college classroom. Special thanks to our alumni for their support of our current seniors!"