Who's in the Burrow?

Intuition, Freeskier Feature SBA Artistry

The photographic and skiing artistry of SBA student-athletes Skyler Mullings ('16) and Drew Hartley ('13) were featured recently in Freeskier magazine.

Mullings photographed Hartley airborne near Rainbow Bridge, and Hartley's sponsor Intuition liked the photo so much it ended up on a full-page advertisement for the boot liners in Freeskier

Thanks to Skyler Mullings for the following comments about his passion for his artistic pursuits...

"Videography and photography are both great ways to capture a great moment. It's easy to go out there, purchase a camera, and start snapping photos, but the way that you capture that moment and display it to your viewers is the creative aspect of it. My goal is that everything I release has a creative aspect to it and can't be duplicated by someone else out there. I'd like my work to be different, unique. In this case, though, the athlete is the one with the creativity. A big thanks to Drew Hartley's sponsor, Intuition, and to Drew himself for arranging this photo to be used as an ad!" - Skyler Mullings ('16)