Who's in the Burrow?

Mind, Body, Science!

Earlier this month, SBA student-athlete Lauren Dunn ('14) traveled to Placer County's STEM Expo (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics - click HERE to learn more) to present her findings from a long-term science project born on our campus. Thank you to marmot dad Brian Dunn for supplying the following synopsis of Lauren's project...
"This year, Lauren chose to do a science fair project for her elective class. Steve Ascher agreed to mentor her. The topic of her project was Color Vision and Aging. The objective of the project was to determine if a person’s color vision was affected by the aging process. Lauren conducted extensive literature research on the topic and then developed an experimental protocol. She built a device that allowed her to determine a person’s ability to see colors in the visible light spectrum and into both the infrared and ultraviolet ranges. The experiment also determined a person’s ability to distinguish between colors that were close in wavelength. The project was a success and she’s looking forward to her next project. She is considering using an unmanned aerial vehicle for a classified project!!"